Australian Church Library Association

Privacy Statement

Australian Church Library Association

As a Christian organisation, the Australian Church Library Association (ACLA) understands the importance of protecting private information and is committed to complying with the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles.

Information Held

The personal information collected and held by ACLA includes such things as:

  • the information which people supply when subscribing as state or national ACLA members, friends or donors.
  • the information which people supply when giving a donation to ACLA.
  • the information supplied to facilitate communication, the distribution of ACLA publications and news bulletins.

Uses of Information

Personal information is collected so that ACLA can run its ministry efficiently and effectively, and can contact and interact with members and contacts when appropriate.

Security of Information

ACLA makes every effort to ensure that personal information is accurate. Information and records stored by ACLA is maintained in secure files which can only be accessed by duly elected office bearers. Computer information can only be accessed by those with computer and network password sanctions. All information is used only by ACLA and is not shared with or made available to any other organisation.